Custom Jingles

Win Your Client With A Custom Jingle.

We are always so encouraged when we receive testimony of subscribers that are landing new accounts (some worth hundreds of thousands of dollars) strictly due to our products. We are truly humbled that our service is making a difference.

It’s been our observation that the account reps who go the extra mile and customize a jingle before meeting with their client, are the ones who are winning big time! So why is that? Most of the time your client doesn’t even know what they like until they hear something. So when you show up and press play on a fully produced jingle AND it has their name attached to it, you’re skipping right over the indecisive stage and jumping straight to the ‘where do I sign’ stage. It works. It REALLY works!

Customizing our products is a breeze. Here are a couple of videos that demonstrate just how easy it is:

How To Request A Customization: Step By Step

Hear What A Custom Jingle Can Sound Like

As you can see from both of these videos, it only takes a few minutes to transform a stock jingle into a fully custom jingle for your client. 

If you have access to your own in-house production team, you don’t even need to have us do it. Simply download the files and you can get started right away. That being said, we are more than happy to help anyway we can and our typical turn around time is just 24 hours.

Lastly, if your client wants a jingle that is completely unique to his/her business and not used by any other business, we have you covered. View our locked jingle packages that give you 100% rights and ownership over your jingle.

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