Turn Prospects Into Long Term Advertisers

If you’re anything like me, you typically spend the holidays dreaming of what next year might look like and more than likely evaluating what this year did look like.  Well, regardless of what transpired in 2019, there’s always an opportunity to make changes and grow in this upcoming year!

At CreativeReady, our entire business model is centred around helping you as a radio seller grow and become more successful at your job.  Maybe for you that means growing in your ability to produce more effective creative.  Or maybe it literally means growing your client roster so that you can be making more money. Either way, we would love to be a significant part of your growth this year.

And what an amazing year to be entering.  2020!  You know, the definition for 20/20 vision is “the clarity or sharpness of vision”.  I think that’s an incredible motivator to start the new year with.  I don’t know about you, but I want my vision for life, family and work to be razor sharp in 2020!

Think about how your clients will react to you coming into a meeting or presentation with a crystal clear vision on how to approach their advertising this year.  How could they not get excited to have someone else thinking that far down the road on behalf of their business?

The problem I’m seeing with a lot of sales reps is that they’re just not thinking far enough ahead, for them or their clients.  It feels too much like a fast food approach to advertising, which by now don’t we all know that just doesn’t work!?  Aren’t you frustrated yet with high churn rates or having to go through the prospecting stage over and over again?

If you’re serious about really increasing your sales this year, I want to challenge you to take the time that’s needed to cast long-term vision for your advertisers.  This is the year to finally start building that client roster that’s actually going to last and make you a great residual income. 

Maybe that sounds a little daunting to you?

Well the good news is that we can help you with it!  And by the looks of it, we’re on trend to have our biggest year yet.  What does that mean for us?  Well hopefully more subscribers of course, but more specifically, subscribers who are seeing actual results by using the Audio Brands found right here on our site.

I had a sales manager recently tell me that CreativeReady has been the best return on investment their company has ever seen in over 30 years!  In fact, one of their small markets where they only have 3 radio stations, they’re billing over ten million dollars annually and that’s in a small college town of only 30,000 people!  They credit a large amount of that success to the products and service found at CreativeReady.

Look.  I’m not sharing that to brag or even exaggerate the results we’re seeing with our subscribers. I share it in hopes of casting 2020 vision on what can be when you become a CreativeReady subscriber.

So let us help you the same way we’ve help thousands of other account reps grow their business and their reputation in the broadcast industry.  Let 2020 be the year you receive crystal clear vision on how to finally become the account rep you’ve always wanted to be.

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