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Your Ideal Customer Isn't
Who You Think They Are.

Who is your customer?  No, really, who are they?  If you answered “Mostly Women between the ages of 20 – 35” … you might need to reconsider how you define a target audience. Spend the next few minutes with Wizard of Ads Johnny Molson, and he’ll show you why.

Does Your Idea Have Legs?

How long of a shelf life does your idea or campaign have?  Are you only going to get a 4 week contract out of it or will it have ‘the legs’ to go the distance to get you an annual?

Balancing Short & Long Term Advertising Strategies.

Which advertising strategy should you, as a seller, be putting more emphasis on with your clients?  Long-term brand building or short-term sales activation?  The answer is yes!  Have a listen as Johnny Molson from The Wizard of Ads explains why it’s not necessarily one over the other.

2 Reasons Your Client Needs An Audio Logo.

They are short, they are sweet and they are one of the most valuable brand assets you can implement into your client’s advertising efforts. Here are two compelling reasons why you need to be selling Audio Logos and Sonic Signatures.

Are You Ready For The Grand (re)Opening?

Are you prepared for the economy to start opening up? I’m sure you’re eager for it (as we all are) but are you prepared? Your clients are going to be desperate for your help, and how you show up for them will determine the amount of trust they give you.

How To Customize Singables.

By simply adding your client’s name to one of our music beds, you end up with an agency-quality Singable that’s actually affordable and ready-to-air within 24 hours.

Watch Jamie give this step-by-step tutorial and see how easy it is to get started with a customization.

What Makes A Radio Ad Good?

Spend a few minutes with the RAB and some of the industries most awarded ad writers as they explain what it takes to write an effective radio commercial.

20/20 Vision.

At CreativeReady, our entire business model is centred around helping you as a Radio Seller grow and become more successful. Maybe for you that means growing in your ability to produce more effective creative.  Or it could literally mean growing your client roster so that you can be making more money. Either way, we want to be a significant part of your growth in 2020!

Stop Selling Radio Spots.

Have we got your attention? The radio industry isn’t in trouble, it’s just evolving but that means we must evolve too. Maybe a simple change in how we position ourselves as Radio Sellers will be the answer. If you’re ready to finally start seeing an increase in sales and a higher retention rate, watching this video will help.

Audio Brands Make More Money.

Almost every radio account rep has the task of coming up with their client’s creative. Most times the client gets anxious thinking it’s not working and they pull the ads. All you’re left with is multiple dead-end campaigns that didn’t seem to work. 

In this video Jamie Aplin, CEO of CreativeReady gives a simple tip on how to turn a basic advertising script into a full blown AudioBrand for your client. Not only does this formula work, but it will secure the relationship between you and your client for years to come.

Inside Our Jingle Library.

Take a peek inside our stock jingle library and find out just how easy it is to use them. Keep them ‘as is’ or get them customized for your clients.

Inside Our Campaign Library.

Take a peek inside our campaign library and preview hundreds of fully produced radio spots ready to show your client.

60 Second Introduction.

If this is your first time hearing about CreativeReady, these next 60 seconds will explain everything!

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