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How To Turn Stock Jingles Into Custom Audio Brands.

Today, we’ll continue our video series on customizing Stock Radio Elements by looking specifically at Jingles. In this particular video, we take a Stock Advertising Jingle from our library and turn it into a fully custom jingle for a client. This is something you can do on your own or have us do for an additional customization free.  Either way, it only takes a few minutes and instead of costing your client $5k – $10k – you can give it to them for FREE if you’re a CreativeReady member!

All of our products have the ability to be customized and we’ve designed it in a way that should only take a few minutes, which will make your life as a production engineer, a lot easier. We know first hand how demanding it can be having to produce new radio creative, day-in and day-out, which is why we developed CreativeReady. Having an on-demand creative resource with pre-recorded advertising elements, is literally going to save you hours every day. Some products are ready to be aired just the way they are, and others are just in need of a few simple modifications. In the case of the latter, we’ve taken you 90% of the way, you now just need to run a few steps to the finish line.


Okay in this video we are actually going to take one of our generic branding statement jingles. In this case it says “minutes away from fun” and we are going to turn it into a custom jingle for our client. Now in this example the client loved the jingle they loved the melody, they loved everything about it but they didn’t want to say minutes away from fun they actually wanted to sing their name in their tagline. So basically I am going to show you how that works and how you can take the jingle that you have heard on our website and get it customized to actually be suitable for the client if that’s what they chose.

So let’s go ahead and download that jingle. Once we get that on our desktop we are going to open it up. And just like in the first video we showed you, you get three cuts the 15, [1:00] the 30 and the 60 as well as the instrumentals for each. So let’s go ahead and open up pro-tools or whatever system you use. Let’s call this System Custom Sing Demo. Alright we are going to import those audio tracks, let’s take all three of them into the session and we will line them up with a zero start and once again I will put the 15 with the 15 and I will put the 30 with the 30 and there we have it, and I think I will just mute them all at the start. Okay so let me just play the jingle as it is with the sell line that was recorded for the site okay, let’s play the 15 here.

[2:00] Here we go [jingles playing] [minutes away, minutes away from fun] Okay so fun little kind of a swing grove there with minutes away from fun generic sell line. Okay so in this example we have a client who has a diner and it’s called The B-ville Diner and he already had his tagline that he wanted to incorporate and so again we just say we can do that no problem, we stuck with the same melody but obviously had to kind of…. just sort of tweak it a little bit in order to make it work because his sell line and tagline was a lot longer than that. So we went ahead and we came up with that idea, we got it recorded and now I am going to import the voice and show you just again [3:00] how easy it is to basically kind of put the new voice to the instrumental and then you got yourself a custom jingle.

So under the re-voice folder B-ville Diner and we’ve…. because we want to give our client the 15, the 30 and the 60 we have done edits for all of them okay so we will import those and let’s give it a zero start to those and put the 15 up with the 15’s  and the 30 with the 30’s and I’ll put the 60 in here. I case you haven’t noticed I love to have things nice and neat and tidy and very organized. So there you have the new sing and let’s give that a listen, let’s listen to the 30 this time, so I am going to mute everything else and we will un-mute the 30 instrumental  as well as the 30 [4:00] the new vocal that we just recorded for that. Okay so remember the original was minutes away from fun and this new one our client is the B-ville Diner with their tagline so here we go. [jingles playing] [Food is always finer when you come into the B-ville Diner, always open 24/7, always open 24/7, food is always finer when you come into the B-Ville Diner, always open 24/7. The food is always finer when you come into The B-ville Diner, Always open 24/7].

Okay so the food is always finer when you come into The B-ville Dinner always open 24/7 so that’s a bit of a mouthful but as you can see we made it work, this client liked having a bit longer of a sing so there is still a bit of a donut here for you to put some voice in but for the most part within minutes again we’ve now got a custom specific to our client jingle and that was made possible by taking the stock jingle which was “minutes away from fun” and writing a new slogan to that and recording it and putting it in place.

So in minutes we now have a custom jingle we can send it off to our client, we can record a voice put it in that donut there and then send it to radio whatever needs to happen. But as you can see it’s very very simple to take one of our stock jingles and customize it for your client. Also that’s something that we do if you are in need and you don’t have the capabilities of doing that or you simply don’t have the time again you just go to the page where you downloaded it and click the customize now button which will prompt you through the steps.

Okay so you know we never ever want to force the customizations on you but if something that you need done and you can’t do we offer that service for an additional fee, but we always encourage our members, our clients to take all the pieces that you get in the file and try and do it yourself so whatever works best for you guys. Thanks for watching these videos guys and if you have any questions please feel free to email us at

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