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We continue to hear testimony after testimony of members who’ve closed accounts worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, strictly because they’ve showed up to their sales presentation and pitched one of our on-demand radio ads or advertising jingles. Some reps even go that extra mile and customize a jingle (or ad)  before they meet with their client JUST to blow them away … and guess what?  It works!!  It really works!  Most times, your client doesn’t even know what they want until they hear it. So by pressing the ‘play button’ and letting them hear a fully produced jingle with their name in it, you’re skipping right past the indecisive stage and jumping straight to the ‘where do I sign’ stage.

If you’re a CreativeReady member, we can customize our Stock Jingles for just $150 and we can typically turn it around within 24 hours. That’s a small price to pay to be able to show up to your next sales meeting with an ‘ace up your sleeve’ that’s guaranteed to seal the deal! Here’s a quick little video, showing you just how easy it is to customize our stock jingles.



As you just witnessed from that tutorial, it only takes a few minutes to transform a stock jingle into a fully custom jingle for your client and at a cost that anyone can afford. If you have access to your own in-house production crew, you don’t even need to wait for us to customize it, simply download the files and get started right away. That being said, we’re happy to help anyway we can and our typical turn around time is just 24 hours.

If market exclusivity is something that’s important to you – click here – to view our other jingle packages that give you 100% rights and ownership over your jingle.


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