The Radio Mercury Awards (link) are referred to as the “Richest Creative Competition for Radio.”  Sounds like our kind of thing.  Advertising Agencies from all over the world submit their radio creative to try and win the coveted $50,000 grand prize titled “Best Of Show.”

Radio Mercury Awards List:

• Agency/Production Company Spot Award ($5,000)
• Agency/Production Company Spot Awards ($1,500)
• PSA Spot Award ($3,000)
• Radio Campaign Award ($5,000)
• Radio Campaign Awards ($1,500)
• Radio Station Produced Spot Award ($5,000)
• Radio Station Produced Spot Award, New ($1,500)
• Student Produced Spot Award ($1,500)
• Spanish Language Spot Award ($3,000)
• Spanish Language Campaign Award ($3,000)
• Best Use of Radio in an Integrated Campaign Award ($3,000)
• Best Promotional Use of Radio Showcase Award ($1,500)
• Most Innovative Use of Radio Showcase Award ($1,500)

Here’s a funny clip by this years host Jim Elliot telling us what NOT to put in a radio ad if you want to win one of these awards.


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