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We understand how difficult it can be to land new clients. And losing existing clients is downright frustrating. All that time spent researching, educating, presenting and having nothing to show for it. The entire process can make you feel like giving up. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Our library of radio ad templates is a game changer.

CreativeReady is a proven solution to help you land new clients and retain them year after year.

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how it works

1. Pick one of our radio ad templates.

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3. Congratulations, you just became a hero.

Now add one of our Audio Brands to really impress
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What's My Investment?

How much is client turnover costing you?  How many new advertisers are you missing out on simply because your creative isn’t ‘hooking’ them?  How much time are you wasting having to continually come up with new ad ideas for the same client?  All of these scenarios are likely costing you a great deal of time and money.  The solution can be found in one of our subscription packages.


(Individual sellers or small-mid size stations)
$ 79 monthly
  • 1 User Account
  • 10 Downloads (Per Month)
  • Market Exclusivity


(Small-mid size stations in unrated markets)
$ 299 monthly
  • Up to 10 User Accounts
  • Unlimited Downloads
  • Exclusivity (Unrated Markets)


(Mid size-large stations in rated markets)
$ 499 monthly
  • Unlimited User Accounts
  • Unlimited Downloads
  • Exclusivity (Rated Markets)

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We’re more than just radio ad templates.  We’re a full stop sales resource for Radio and TV Account Reps.

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