Never-Ending-Revisions-Part-9Anyone who works in radio, specifically radio production will completely understand this and hopefully get a kick out of it. The video itself is a little dated but the somewhat “comical truth” still remains today. Doug Tracht, otherwise knows as “The Greaseman” explains what professionals in radio production have to go through each and everyday when making radio advertisement revisions. This would also include audio engineers who work at Advertising Agencies or Radio Houses.

I don’t think the public understands what goes into producing an effective radio ad. I mean why would they, why would they even care and can you blame them? Most of the time people are just annoyed that there’s an advertisement interrupting their favourite Top 40 hits. I’ve been producing radio spots for years and can tell you first hand that some ads can take days to fully produce and others can come together within minutes. It’s a lot like writing a song some might say. When engineering or producing radio spots, it really comes down to having an ear for what works, what stands out (good or bad) and what production elements are going to best support the message itself. Ultimately it’s all about the message and the production can either support it or hinder it.

Embracing “Creative Vs. Sales”

There’s no getting around it. The “creative versus sales” saga will continue to ensue as long as advertising is a part of our culture. But maybe that’s what makes the process so exciting! Fighting for your ideas until they become a reality. Challenging one another until we get the very best ideas and ads for our client. Now obviously this video sides with creative, but in reality, a team effort is what gives you the best results and there should always be an open forum for others (sales included) to voice their ideas.

Enjoy the video and feel free to leave your comments below. What funny or (annoying) story do you have of producing radio ads with seemingly never ending radio advertisement revisions?

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