Ideas Are The New Currency

If you’ve ever experienced difficulty trying to get the attention of a business owner, you’re not alone. I know. It’s almost a laughable statement. Of course you’ve experienced this. It’s the inevitability of sales. In fact more than half the battle is often just getting in the door. And now, getting a literal face-to-face with a prospect is next to impossible (for obvious reasons). But here’s the good news: At this exact moment in time, business owners are desperate to hear from you. They might not realize it yet, but you’re the knight in shining armour to their business fairy-tale gone wrong. So what exactly is it that they need from you?

Ideas. Ideas are the new currency – and you are the bank!

There isn’t a business owner in their right mind that wouldn’t at least hear you out if you were to call and say: “Hi Jennifer. I’ve been spending some time thinking about you and your business and I have a few ideas that I really feel will help.” Boom. Meeting booked. Now all you have to do is tweak your (online) presentation and include two or three solid ideas that are really going to help. And here’s a tip: They don’t all need to be centered around radio. *gasp* Wait! What!? I’m a Radio Seller. Why on earth would I suggest any ideas that don’t involve radio advertising? The short answer is – it’s not all about you. *double gasp*

Even in these extremely difficult times, we must continually be challenging ourselves to put our client’s interests ahead of our own. People first, business second. I genuinely mean that. And it’s not just something we say in hopes that our clients will overhear it. If you are truly and sincerely looking to build long-term business relationships, you will agree with this sentiment. And once we’re able to enter that headspace and only then, can we objectively offer the help that best suits the client.

Here’s the bonus. This apparent selfless act doesn’t just stop there. When was the last time somebody genuinely helped you out of a bind and you didn’t want to somehow return the favour? Unless you’re some sort of heartless Frankenstein, I’m going to guess likely never. So take assurance in the fact that what goes around – comes around. Helping your client now in their greatest time of need, will reap a bounty eventually. Take encouragement from the parallel of a farmer who has just now planted his Spring crop. The payoff doesn’t come immediately, but soon enough that harvest will be ripe for the taking.

So now that we all want to be better people. Let’s talk about some ideas we can contribute to the well-being of our new friends. (Keeping in mind that not all will involve radio.)

1. Spend some time on their website and find ways to simplify their message and streamline their path to doing business. The majority of business websites are far too confusing and people get annoyed when trying to navigate a clunky sales page. Tell them you would like to help clarify their message and improve the online experience. Their customers will respond positively and you’ll be the one to thank.

2. Orchestrate an online round-table with you, a few other sellers and ‘creative’ types and call it “How To Market Your Way Out Of A Crisis.” Then start inviting local businesses to attend via online sign up. If promoted properly, you should get a huge response and business owners will love it because it allows them to ‘spectate’ from a distance. It’s a passive, zero risk commitment on their part but in the end, you now have qualified leads you can follow up with. This idea is HOT right now!

3. Bring an extremely creative campaign or jingle to the table. The race is on to break through all the COVID-19 ad clutter and businesses are in need of fresh new messages to help them differentiate themselves. It’s a great opportunity to showcase your creative thinking while at the same time encourage a radio ad buy. Even if they don’t commit to a buy immediately, your work is not in vain. Putting this amount of effort into a creative presentation will not soon be forgotten.

In a time where business owners are desperately looking for ideas to save their livelihood, you could very well be holding the solutions in your hands. And what better way to kick off that new relationship than with a remedy to their affliction. It doesn’t take much to lend a helping hand and in the end, all your effort will likely come full circle. But even in the off chance it doesn’t, you just helped a local business owner potentially save their business. Now doesn’t that feel good?

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