How To Hook A Prospect!

Walking into a client presentation without an idea, is a bad … well, idea! Clients almost expect you to show up with a binder full of boring numbers and statistics, but watch them light up when you play them a fully produced campaign or jingle with their name attached to it.

This works for a few reasons: First. Most business owners need to literally hear something in order to get the bigger picture. Second. It shows them that you’re also thinking creatively for them, and long term. Third. You’re proving to them that you’re about more than just making a quick sale and that you’re willing to put time and energy into their marketing strategy.

All of the above equals a far greater chance of getting the renewal once their contract is up.

Here’s a recent case study with one of our subscribers, showcasing the power of a great creative campaign:

“Last spring we met with an auto dealer who had been spending just shy of $10,000 annually with us for the past 5 years. The owner of this dealership can be rather difficult to please especially when it comes to the creative. I figured a custom jingle would do the trick but knew he would never pay $5000 up front for one. So I turned to CreativeReady and found a musical based campaign that was PERFECT for him! I played it during our presentation and he absolutely loved it! As a result, he consolidated his budget being spent on competing stations, and committed exclusively to our radio group with an annual buy worth over $150,000.”


Here’s the campaign that made it all happen:


Now here’s where things get even better for you as the account rep. Once you’ve sold your client on a particular campaign, make sure you clearly state that the creative is owned by you and your radio group. This protects you from them using it without renewing with your station. Let them know they are free to use the creative on other stations, tv, web, etc – BUT they must continue advertising on your station if they want to continue using the creative you built for them. In most cases, this is a fool-proof system. No advertiser in their right mind would yank a campaign that has been successfully branding their business to thousands of listeners in their local market.

So if you’re looking to not only attract new clients but keep them renewing … it’s all about the idea! When you shift your focus to the creative, you’re helping to build a last brand that will deliver results for your clients.  This in return will keep your retention rate high. It’s the key to a successful career in radio sales. Ratings and reach are important, but great ideas never die. And those ideas will help you get the long-term accounts you really want!

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