Customize Stock Radio Ads

How To Customize Our Stock Campaigns.

All of CreativeReady’s products have the ability to be customized and we’ve designed it in a way that should only take a few minutes, which will make your life as a production engineer, a lot easier. We know first hand how demanding it can be having to produce new radio creative, day-in and day-out, which is why we developed CreativeReady. Having an on-demand creative resource with pre-recorded advertising elements, is literally going to save you hours every day. Some products are ready to be aired just the way they are, and others are just in need of a few simple modifications. In the case of the latter, we’ve taken you 90% of the way, you now just need to run a few steps to the finish line.


Hey guys what’s up this is Jamie with CreativeReady and we get a lot of pre sale questions in regards to what’s it like, what’s the process like when it comes to customizing radio ads and jingles and so on and so forth, so we are going to take an opportunity here to answer some of those questions by giving you an actual demo of the customization process. And again it’s the same whether you hire us to do it or you take the files and do it yourself.

Okay so the first thing you are obviously going to do is pick the ad or the campaign that you are wanting to customize and in this example I have gone ahead and chosen and example called “Phil’s Mattress.” It’s just about a mattress store. So once I am obviously logged into my account you will see the big download now button, I will press download and then that will go to my desktop. And then we want to basically unzip a file [1:00] once it shows up and see what all is inside. So there it is, open it up and inside you will notice, depending on how many ads are in the campaign, this one has four ads, they are all separated into each ad, okay just trying to keep things nice and neat and tidy for you all. And then I am not going to do all four because it’s the same principles, it’s the same process for all ads, but I’ll just pick one and in ad number one, you will see a bunch of files, there are some wave files and there is an MP3 and then there are some script files.

So what we need for customization are the wave files. The MP3 is just a preview, so that’s basically a template; this is what the end product should sound like so you have it as a reference file. But if you want the stuff separated so the voice separated, the audio [2:00], sound effects and music bed separated you want the .wav files. Okay so once we had that open and we can now go ahead and open up our DAW, or recording software which I use Protools, you can use Logic or basically any digital software that you have on your system. The process is the same in terms of importing audio and I am just going to go ahead and name this session, “Mattress Store Demo” okay, and then we want to import our audio. So let’s take these over here and again, just the wave files. With this particular there is only one voice, so it’s like going to be really quick, easy customization. Once I have them, the first thing you will notice is that they are all matched up everything has got a zero start time. If there was ten [3:00], let’s say ten wave files they would all be matched up at the same timing.

So I am just going to scoot these over to my zero start. And let’s press play just and just see what it sound like right out of the box, I haven’t done anything to it. Let’s just press play and just see what we have got.

[3:17][jingles playing][Phil’s mom just got a new co-op mattress at No Name Mattress Store. She is been getting to sleep faster ever since, too bad for Phil’s dad. Oh well]. This message has been brought to you by No Name Mattress Store 123 main street in your town]

Okay so as you can see again right out of the box, it’s pre-mixed, it’s ready to go, all the automation in terms of sound effect and audio beds it’s all been done. Again if you wanted just to hear the [4:00] audio sound effects and audio beds on its own you just solo that out, right or if you want just the voice. [Sleep faster ever since, too bad for Phil’s dad] Right so again we have gone through and really taken our time with all of these tracts and just clean them up and everything is in really good condition. you know it’s good quality, lots of fades, lots of just editing has gone on to make this process as simple as possible for you guys.

So now that we have it basically the only thing we have to do with this particular ad is customize it to our client and because it’s only one voice it’s just simply hiring one voice to recreate that, and again you can do that through the site and get the original voice that we contracted to do this one, or you can do it in house yourself. If you want you can change it to a female voice you can do basically whatever you want. [5:00] And the way we do that obviously is by taking the scripts that were a part of the download and customizing it. So here is your script here and you will notice again all of the words that would be customizable art in green. So “No Name Mattress Store” obviously isn’t going to stay as “No Name Mattress Store.” And in my case the client’s name is “Factory Direct Mattress Outlet.”

So I basically make all my changes to my script and then if I am doing it in house then I just start recording, or if I am contracting it out to a professional voice artist then I would send them a script and get the audio track back from them. So in the case of this one I have already have it recorded just to save some time and we are going to go ahead and find that in my re-voice folder, and then we are going to import this into the session [6:00]. There is my new voice, bring it in and then line it over. You can obviously get rid or you can delete the No Name Mattress Voice if you wanted to, I always just keep it as a reference in case again for editing or timing or whatever but for this case we’ll just mute it because obviously we don’t need it anymore. And here is my new voice, okay I’ll solo it. [His mom just got a new Sealy mattress from Factory Direct Mattress Outlet]. Okay so there is my client’s name in there as well as the co-op name, they are using Sealy name mattresses so there is a good co-op placement there, and so let’s hear it now again with basically the new voice and the already existing sound effects and audio bed.

[6:47][jingles playing] [Phil’s mom just got a new Sealy mattress from Factory Direct mattress outlet, she is been getting to sleep faster ever since, too bad for Phil’s dad. Oh well. This message has been brought to you by Factory Direct Mattress Outlet located on the west side of Owen Sound, shhhh].

So there you have it, it’s literally that simple, and we have truly made this as easy as possible for you guys to do customizations. Okay so in the next video I am going to show you a bit more of a complex ad that has a few more voices so if you are interested in seeing that, take a look.

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