How To Create Radio Ads In Just Minutes.

Create fully produced radio ads in minutes by following along with our script and audio bed tutorial. Developing new radio creative on a regular basis can really chew up a lot of your workday. In addition, coming down with a serious case of ‘writer’s block’ – can also seriously affect your productivity. So wouldn’t it be great to have access to a library full of pre-written radio scripts, that you can pull from on-demand? Let us show you just how easy it is to craft a fresh sounding radio ad by taking one of our professionally written radio scripts and then adding it to one of our royalty free audio beds – all within minutes!

We know first hand how demanding it can be having to produce new radio creative, day-in and day-out, which is why we developed CreativeReady. Save hours of work every day by accessing our on-demand creative resource with pre-recorded advertising elements. Some products are ready to be aired just the way they are, and others are just in need of a few simple modifications. In the case of the latter, we’ve taken you 90% of the way, you now just need to run a few steps to the finish line. To make it even easier, we have produced a Script and Audio Bed Tutorial below.

In the video below, CEO of CreativeReady, Jamie Aplin walks you through the steps of mixing files from our script templates and our music beds to create fully produced radio ads in minutes.


Hey everyone this is Jamie at Creative Ready and we are doing a series of videos demoing our products and showing you again just some of the advantages that our all access members have with our products. We get a lot of pre-sale questions from you guys wanting to know what does it look like when I’m a member. What do you get when you download it? How do you customize things? And so we’ve done a series of videos highlighting all of those things. If you haven’t had a chance to check out the demo we did on radio Ads as well as jingles, I highly recommend you go and take a look at those. But right now what we are going to do is show you something kind of fun. This is sort of a mixed-match demo where we are going to take one of our script template and then pull one of audio beds and mix it together to give a fully produced campaign. Okay, so let’s get started with the ad. I’ve already gone ahead and picked the campaign that I want and it is for a computer store basically. They specialize in building custom computers and the campaign is called “One of a Kind.”

So let’s go ahead and download the files, open them up on my desktop and you’ll notice in this folder we give you two version of each script. So you have the pdf (which is basically a quick view of it) and then we also give you the word doc (which is you are able to go in and edit). And in them, we make it fairly straightforward. Anything in green where you see “no name custom computers,” that needs to be customized to your clients. So in my case the client’s name is “Palentier”, and so we’ve changed that and obviously, “in your town.” So whatever town they are from, that’s basically all the customizations that are needed to be done for this particular campaign. Let’s pretend that I’ve already gone ahead and done those, written those revisions, and I’ve sent off the script to my voice and he has now sent back his voice so I can basically dump that into my session and get started.

So we go ahead and launch pro-tools, and let’s just name this, “computer systems demo”.  And then we want to pull our wave file, the voice into the session. And again we are just going to do one ad for the sake of time. The procedure would basically be the same for all six ads. So here is the voice, I’m just going to go ahead and play it so you hear what we are working with.

Voice:[2:59] to [3:15]

Okay so that’s a very straight forward read. The audio is quite dry, so what we are looking to do is to get some audio from the website just to kind of bring some life to it. So I’m going to go back to the website and hop over to our audio sections. This where all of our royalty free audio beds are stored. And I’m going to use this filter by system to help eliminate – instead of having to search through all these pages of audio clips. I know right off the bat that I kind of want something that’s got; it’s a bit more easy listening. Maybe kind of a more acoustic vibe, something light and poppy. So I’m going to filter out everything except acoustic style. And then I’m going to also filter the time to be 30’s because the ad is 30, so I’d like it to be; these are all pre-edited 30’s, and it should be as easy as just plugging it in and playing it. So let’s go ahead and just maybe listen to a few…

[4:12] Okay it’s a little bit too mellow, a little too much. Okay, so that’s kind of what I’m looking for there. Bit of a ukelele. Yeah I like that one so I’m going to go ahead and click on that. 4:35 And then I can download the file and then I’ll find that on my desktop. I’ll unzip it and basically dump that into the session. Okay so there it is there. I’ll slide it over to zero, and then let’s just press play and see what happens. Then we can make some decisions from there. [playing]

Great so that sounds really good actually. I don’t have to do a lot to it and it should just that simple. The only thing I am going to do is, just to tighten up kind of that little ending when he finishes; that last line. I’d like the end of the song to kind of hit soon after that. So I’m just going to take my time, shift to tool, and just kind of bring it back a little bit. Maybe bring in this a little bit more. And let’s press play at the end.
So just like that, we have the campaign basically finished. I’ll mix that a little bit. You’ll notice again that I didn’t have to add any plug-ins, I pulled the background track down a little bit. But for the most parts it’s ready to go to air. And that’s exactly how we’ve designed everything on our website to be. It’s plug and play creative, and so there is a great little example of how you can pull from our scripts and our audio section and put together a fully produced campaign in a matter of minutes. Hope you’ve enjoyed that guys, if you have any question, please email us at Thanks so much.

Radio Ads in Minutes

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