How To Boost Ad Revenue With Jingles.

If you’re selling radio in the 100+ (Nielsen) ranked markets OR even more likely, in an un-ranked market, it really is ALL about ideas!  It’s about building brands and engaging local business owners who are likely, very involved in the process.  It’s about developing great radio campaigns that can truly make an impact by growing your client’s business.  Ratings are important, don’t get me wrong, but in smaller markets, tangible results are crucial.  And as our good friend Roy H Williams always says … “There are two keys to a successful campaign.  Message and frequency.  Nothing else matters except ‘what you say’ x ‘how many times you say it’!”

Developing (not to mention producing) quality creative can be a challenge even for larger radio companies.  Let’s be honest, outsourcing your radio ads and advertising jingles can be expensive.  Cost of script writers, talent, production, studio time … it all adds up.  This is why we have so many ‘rip-‘n’read’ radio stations across the country.  But here’s the problem … quick and dirty radio creative just doesn’t work!  You might be able to get the script ‘approved’ initially, but it won’t last.  Why?  Because there’s nothing sustainable about it.  There’s no lasting power.  You’ll be back to the drawing board in a month or two, trying to come up with yet again, another radio campaign for your client.  Multiply this by however many clients you have and it just becomes flat out exhausting!

What you need is a ‘hook’ or something that’s going to get stuck in the mind of the listeners.  Something that has ‘legs’ and will go the distance for you …again and again and again.  Yes, this does mean that you’re not having to develop new creative as frequently …. BUT ultimately and more importantly, it’s going to help grow your client’s brand (giving them tangible results) and in the end, it’s going to earn you more ad revenue.

So, if you haven’t already guessed where I’m going with this, or perhaps you just skimmed over the title of this post …. we’re talking about jingles!  Plain and simple, they work!  They just do, for many reasons that we’ve highlighted in a previous blog post.  But instead of having me (the CEO of a jingle manufacturing company) tell you why you need to trust jingles to boost your ad revenue, I’m going to let one of our members do it.  These are facts and a true story from one of our valued members here at CreativeReady.

– – – – – – – –

I’m a Regional Market Manager for a cluster of stations in Morgantown, who currently have over 50 employees spread out over seven stations.  I’m also our National Sales Manager and I program one of our stations in my ‘spare’ time!  Needles to say, my weeks are crammed full of responsibilities and time is a very hot commodity.  That being said, I spend nearly 15% of my time every week, exclusively on sourcing creative for our clients. That’s how important it is (and should be) in the sales process.

We bill nearly $1 million in the Morgantown-Fairmont-Clarksburg metro and one of the stations I directly oversee generates more revenue than seven other stations in Charleston combined.  It’s not because I’m a rocket scientist or because our region is the fastest growing market in America.  It’s because we focus on creative … and specifically jingles.  We help build brands and sell long-term campaigns that deliver results for our clients … and that keeps our turnover very low.

In one particular case, we met with an auto dealer who had been spending under $10,000 annually with us over the past five years.  The owner of this dealership is very fussy and can be difficult to make happy (when it comes to creative).  I was confident that a custom jingle would be the best solution to help build his brand (and increase our budget) but I knew he wouldn’t be keen on spending $3000 up front for a jingle.  I turned to CreativeReady and pitched the client this exact jingle … and they absolutely loved it!  As a result, my client consolidated his entire radio budget (dollars being spent on competing stations), and committed exclusively to us with an annual buy worth over $150,000.  The very next year we renewed his contract with a budget of $350,000.  This jingle has been the key factor in their brand development, and the overall campaign continues to do well for them in radio, tv and print.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; If you control the creative … you control the account … and that’s why I’m such a big believer in CreativeReady!

– – – – – – – –

Wow!  What a testimony.  And that’s just one of his clients.  We know for a fact that he has had continued success with some of our other “musical-based-branding-statements” … (aka jingles).  Here are a few more jingles that he has used to help brand his clients while simultaneously boosting his ad revenue:

Dental Clinic
Print Shop
Ambulatory Care

Thanks to Christian Miller for sharing his story and believing so much in what we’re doing here at CreativeReady.

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