Common Misconceptions Regarding Stock Radio Content.

There are a few misconceptions or uncertainties when it comes to the value and expectation of stock content, and specifically in our case, Stock Radio Content. Below we will try and dispel any myths you may have heard regarding the use of pre-produced radio ads, jingles, scripts and music beds.

TRUE OR FALSE: CreativeReady is meant to replace your existing Creative & Production team?

FALSE.  All of our products, including radio ads, jingles, music beds and scripts, are designed to HELP your creative (and sales) teams. We’re here to be their ‘sidekick’ or ‘unfair advantage’ – not their replacement. In fact, it was an ‘in-house’ production team that conceptualized ‘Stock Radio Elements.’ We know first hand how demanding it can be having to produce new radio creative, day-in and day-out, which is why we built and developed CreativeReady. We are an on-demand creative resource that your team can pull from whenever they need – lessening their workload and increasing their overall productivity.

TRUE OR FALSE: Your library of Stock Radio Elements never changes?

FALSE.  We’re continually adding new content to the site. In fact, we have more content than we have people to upload it! Rest assured, we are working diligently to get new content added to the site on a regular basis. Have you looked through our library lately? There are thousands of pieces of stock content currently uploaded and new elements are being added all the time.

TRUE OR FALSE: I can purchase these products on any other stock website?

FALSE.  Our content is created and developed by our team, exclusively for CreativeReady members. You simply will not find these products anywhere else online (if you do, please let us know so we can send them legal notice and some rotten tomatoes).

TRUE OR FALSE: Stock Radio Content is expensive?

FALSE.  Once again, because we’re able to spread the cost out over multiple users, you’re able to purchase and use the creative at a fraction of its true cost. Whether you choose to take advantage of an All Access Membership or you wish to purchase products one by one, you will notice a drastic savings when it comes to producing your radio creative. Outsourcing to ad agencies can cost a fortune and producing countless new radio spots internally can tie up valuable man-power. At CreativeReady, we give you ‘ad-agency-quality’ products – at a cost that’s even far less than having your internal employees produce them.

TRUE OR FALSE: It’s difficult to customize Stock Radio Ads and Jingles?

FALSE.  Anytime you download a Stock Radio Element from CreativeReady, we provide you with all of the individual source files needed to make customizations a breeze. This gives you ultimate flexibility when it comes to modifying your content and helps you achieve your final product quickly! Too good to be true?  Try our free Trial Account in order to download our content and put it to the test.

TRUE OR FALSE: I don’t have a studio so I guess Stock Radio Elements aren’t for me?

FALSE.  We also provide customizations (at an additional cost) for all CreativeReady members. We never force our customizations on you, but we also don’t want to leave you high and dry if you don’t have studio/editing capabilities. Whether you choose to have us do your customizations or you feel you can do them yourself – it’s easy to take any Stock Radio Element you hear on our site and turn it into a fully custom campaign for you or your client.

TRUE OR FALSE: Stock Radio Content gives me a lot of flexibility of use?

TRUE.  Purchasing products from CreativeReady gives you the ability to download, modify, sell to your clients and broadcast worldwide – for up to 12 months after your individual-product purchase (“buy now” price) OR for as long as you maintain an active All Access Membership (monthly or annual). There are a few things however, you cannot do with our content. For example, you cannot re-distribute any CreativeReady content as source files or in a stock/template format, even if for free. For full details on how you can and cannot use our products, please thoroughly read the CreativeReady Easy License Agreement.

TRUE OR FALSE: Multiple Users: Both our production and sales teams can use the same account.

TRUE & FALSE. While it is true they can both use the account, it is not possible for multiple users to be logged into the account simultaneously. This is a security measure put in place to protect us from individuals who are hoping to purchase one license, but split the cost between multiple users. As a solution, we have developed a multi-license system, and additional licenses can be added to your account at a reduced cost.

TRUE OR FALSE: If I cancel my membership, I can’t use the content anymore, right?

TRUE & FALSE.  In the case of all our ‘bonus’ content including stock photos, stock videos and stock graphics, it’s rather simple. Once you purchase an element OR become an All Access Member – you are free to use them for life! This is also the case when it comes to our royalty free music beds and script templates. All you have to do is purchase a product once OR become an All Access Member and you’re free to use the products you purchase/download, forever! For all remaining products, including our fully produced radio ads and advertising jingles – you are free to modify, sell and broadcast these elements for up to 12 months after your individual-product purchase (“buy now” price) OR for as long as you maintain an active All Access Membership (monthly or annual).