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Does This Ad Campaign Have Legs?

Does your ad campaign have legs? What do I mean by that? I’m referring to how long of a shelf life your idea or campaign has. Is it going to go the distance or will it fizzle out after a few short miles? To put it into more literal terms: Are you only going to get a four week contract out of it or can you fulfill an annual contract and beyond?

If you’re still presenting your advertisers with one-off radio spots, those likely aren’t lasting very long. That’s because they’re just spots and they come and go. But if you’re presenting ideas that are based around taglines and branding statements then you’re likely already on the right track.

It’s not hard to find examples of National Brands that have done this well:

McDonalds – I’m Lovin’ it.
Motel 6 – We’ll Leave The Light On For You.
State Farm – Like A Good Neighbor State Farm Is There.

These are all campaigns that have been running for years! The ads within the campaign are continually changing but the original campaign itself remains untouched.

Now let’s talk for a second about how this could look on a local level. Let’s say you’re getting ready to pitch a local Dental Clinic. Here are two different approaches you could take in regards to their advertising:

Approach number one talks about their friendly staff, their affordable pricing and the extensive list of dental procedures that they provide. They’re open seven days a week and you can conveniently book your appointment online, anytime. And then every ad will end with a web address call to action.

Approach number two identifies with the customer by saying things like “We know we’re not your favorite place to visit. Which is why our top priority is ease and comfort while you’re here and a healthy, beautiful smile when you leave. All of those ads will end with the tagline “We Love To See You Smile.”

Now, the client might actually like both of these approaches (they’re probably just excited to be on the radio). But the problem is, only one of these ideas can be used for years to come. Only one of them can have endless spots built around the original concept. I’ll give you a clue: It’s not approach number one. I mean, you can only talk about how friendly your staff is and how competitive your prices are in so many ways.

But think about the endless ads you can create around the concept of “We Love To See You Smile.” You could feature client testimonials. You could write little vignettes of things the staff does to get their customers to smile. You can even talk about how great your prices are and how when you get the bill – that’s going to make you smile. As long as it’s all wrapped around the idea of “We Love To See You Smile” – the possibilities are endless. And that’s what I mean about an idea that’s going to go the distance. It has ‘legs’.

And then of course if you really want longevity, hire someone to sing the “We Love To See You Smile” tagline over a catchy music bed … and it’s game over. Now that’s a campaign you could literally take to the bank for years to come.

So the next time you’re preparing to meet with a client ask yourself – “does this campaign have legs” – and if the answer isn’t yes, hold off on that presentation until you have an idea that does.

At CreativeReady we already have thousands of on-demand campaigns, jingles, audio logos, scripts and it’s all there for the purpose of helping you increase your ad revenue. If you want to skyrocket your sales this year, it’s easier than you think. All you have to do is get creative.

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