Attract New Clients

How To Hook New Clients Quickly!

Walking into a client presentation without ideas … is a bad … well, idea! Clients are expecting you to show up with all sorts of numbers and statistics, but what will really blow them away is when you play them a fully produced campaign or jingle that could have their name attached to it. Your client literally needs to hear something in order to get the big picture. It also shows you’re thinking creatively for them … and long term. You’re showing them, that by creating great, lasting campaigns, you truly can make an impact and help their business prosper. All of this equals a far greater chance of getting that resign, once their account comes up for renewal.

Here’s a recent case study with one of our members, showcasing the power behind a great creative campaign:

“Last spring we met with an auto dealer who has been spending under $10k annually with us for the past 5 years. The owner of this dealership is very difficult to please and I wanted to have a custom jingle produced in order to increase his annual, but I knew he would never pay $3k up front for a musical campaign. I turned to CreativeReady and found a musical based campaign and message that was PERFECT for him! They absolutely loved it, and as a result, they combined the resources being spent on other stations, and committed exclusively to us with an annual buy worth over $150,000.”


The interesting thing about this case study is that the original campaign our member pulled from our site, wasn’t even for an auto dealer. It was actually written for a tire store, but the concept was so good, he modified the copy and pitched it to his client anyway. That’s the beauty of our Stock Radio Elements. They’re versatile, interchangeable and because we give you the original source files … you can do whatever you want with them.



Now, here’s where things get even better for you as the account rep. Once you’ve sold your client on a particular campaign strategy, make sure you clearly state that the ‘campaign creative’ is owned by you or your radio group and not by them, the client. This protects you from them using the campaign or jingle without renewing their contract with you. Let them know they are free to use the creative on other stations, tv, web, etc – BUT they must continue advertising on your station if they want to continue using the creative you built for them. In most cases, this is a fool-proof system (if the creative is actually good) – as no business owner in their right mind would yank a campaign or jingle that’s been successfully branding their company to thousands and thousands of listeners.

So, if you’re looking to not only attract new clients but also keep them renewing … it’s all about the ideas! When you shift your focus to the creative, you’re building brands and selling long-term campaigns that deliver results for your clients, which will keep your turnover low. This is the key to a successful career in radio sales. Ratings and reach are important, but great ideas never die – and those never-ending renewals – are the accounts you really want!

We can help you build national quality creative. Our library of pre-recorded spec ads, advertising jingles,  music beds and scripts is unique in the fact that everything is all ready to download. All of our products are available on-demand, so there’s no need to wait. Do you have prospect client that you’ve been waiting to pitch? Dig into our library and find a campaign that’s perfect for them today! Get started now.

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