Attract New Radio Clients

Attract New Advertisers With Just A Click.

It’s easy for those of us who work in radio to understand the benefits and potential when it comes to advertising on radio, but it’s not always easy getting our client to share the same point of view. But ‘seeing is believing’, or in the case of radio, ‘HEARING is believing!’

Instead of arriving at your meeting with nothing more than statistics, bar graphs or discounted buy rates, imagine having the ability to pitch your client with fully-produced ads and jingles! Take advantage of CreativeReady’s pre-produced advertising elements and find a few pieces that you think will exceed your client’s expectations. These may not be the final creative elements you end up using, but by presenting them with fully produced creative, you’ll not only be effectively painting them an ‘audible picture’ – you’ll also be showing them that you’re a self starter, by proactively working towards the creative stage.

If you’re feeling really confident, you can even go as far as making a few simple customizations and turning those stock creative elements into the final product with your client’s name and particulars. Wow! How impressed will they be hearing fully produced creative with their name and details even before they’ve commit to the buy!? More times than not, when you walk into a meeting with finished creative, you’ll walk out with a deal in hand!

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