Attract New Radio Clients

Attract New Advertisers With Just A Click.

It’s common sense for us who work in the industry to understand the benefits of advertising on radio. It’s not however always easy getting prospects to share the same enthusiasm. It takes more than statistics and ratings to make a believer out of an uninformed business owner. And as the saying goes – ‘seeing is believing’ – or in our case ‘HEARING is believing!’

So instead of showing up to your presentation with nothing more than a binder full of stats, bar graphs and discounted rates, imagine having the ability to present your client with fully-produced jingles and campaigns! Wouldn’t it be great to sift through a catalog of audio based advertising products and then just download what you need on-demand? Our library is stocked full of creative products that are designed to help you win the client … every time!

Presenting your prospects with fully developed creative comes with many advantages. You’re not only able to paint them an ‘audible picture’ of what their advertising can sound like, you’re showing them that you are a self-starter and that you care about all angles of their advertising. Plus, show me a client that doesn’t light up when they hear a jingle or an ad with their business name attached to it. How impressed will they be hearing fully produced creative (with their name and details) even before they’ve committed to the buy!?

More times than not, when you walk into a presentation with finished creative, you’ll walk out with a signed deal in hand!

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