are-templates-really-all-that-evil-Just because it has the word “template” associated with it, doesn’t necessary mean radio advertisement templates suck. Granted, there is a lot of of terribly crafted templates out there just taking up valuable cyber space and more than likely no one will ever download them, BUT that doesn’t mean they’re ALL bad.

In the same sense, it’s also not a sin to use those templates and then pass them off as something you’ve created. I’m talking about logo templates, brochure templates, video templates, stock photography, royalty free audio clips and now the recently added stock advertising jingles and radio ad templates. I’m talking about a piece of creative content that was originally created by someone other than yourself, but then you purchase, download and modify that piece of content into something that you use or sell to your client. This is actually happening every day in advertising agencies across the world and most of their clients don’t seem to mind one bit.

Let’s take a closer look at the word shall we?

A document or file having a preset format, used as a starting point for a particular application….

Most professionals that find themselves using templates rarely end up having the final product look exactly like the template itself. They use it for inspiration or a starting point to help them push through their creative slump. For me, when I ran my own ad agency, templates simply became the 5th or 6th member of the team or another employee if you will. Another person with another idea, that may or may not get used in the final project. When you work in advertising, the more ideas that come your way, the better!

And sometimes the best ideas can come from the least expected source. Your “numbers lady” could end up contributing the best idea and just because she doesn’t have her degree in marketing, doesn’t make her idea any less significant. In order to become a good team leader, you need to except the fact that not ALL of the great “client-landing” ideas are going to come from you. The sooner you can except that, the sooner you’ll be able to move on to the next project (and get paid $$$)!!!

Radio Advertisement Templates

If you can start looking at templates as if they’re another person in the creative room, you’ll not only start saving more time, but your thinking and ideas will start to expand which will ultimately benefit your company. Having other people inspire you and influence what you do is only going to make your product or service that much better! Just remember, someone had to create that template. Another graphic designer, audio engineer, photographer, videographer, copywriter, web developer, etc. It wasn’t a robot. So thanks to the wonderful world of stock content, you basically have access to hundreds of thousands of other creative types all working for you, but only when you need them. Give one of CreativeReady’s Radio Advertisement Templates a try by clicking here.

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