Advertising-Isn't-For-EveryoneI came across a great blog written by Roy H. Williams titled “The Grand Illusion of Advertising.”  It’s a much needed perspective for all you business owners out there who prefer to do your own marketing and advertising (which I don’t recommend by the way.)  It’s also a great read for anyone new to ad writing or anyone thinking about getting into writing copy for radio (or tv) commercials.  So pull up a chair and don’t forget to take a few notes.

You own a business.

You sell a product or a service.

Your growth is limited by one of two things:

#1 – The right people haven’t heard about you. If they had, they would surely be buying from you.

#2 – The right people have heard about you. They just didn’t care.

The grand illusion of advertising – perpetuated by every seller of ads – is that your problem is #1: the right people haven’t heard about you.

But the painful truth is probably that the right people heard but didn’t care ……

Read the full article here.

Sending the right message is crucial when it comes to effective advertising. Most of the time, you as a business owner, just don’t have enough experience at how to properly communicate your product or service in a 30 second format.  Don’t get me wrong, you know your business probably better than anyone else. BUT knowing your business and then knowing how to communicate to the average listener as to why they should use your business or buy your product … are 2 very different things.  You think you know what people need to hear in order for them to come rushing into your store and start pulling out credit cards. The reality is you’re probably just too close to your business to know what the average listener needs to hear.

When it comes to advertising your business effectively, it’s probably best to leave that to the professionals.  Advertising Agencies, Professional Copywriters, Radio Stations, etc.  It’s what they do!  Let them write you a great commercial. That leaves you to focus on making sure that what they’ve said in that commercial stands true.

Still Want to Do DIY Advertisement?

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