Podcast Template

How To Create A Podcast Template.

If one of your New Year resolutions was to finally get a podcast up and running, you might be asking your self, “where do I start” and “what sort of content do I need to create?” Consistency is crucial and it’s why we recommend creating a Podcast template before you start recording anything. All of the pro’s have done it and so should you.

Template This.

For example, Rhett and Link produce a YouTube morning talk show called Good Mythical Morning.  The show always starts with a quick blurb on the day’s topic and gets followed by saying …. “Let’s talk about that!”  Right after that, their intro track (or theme song) plays for roughly 5 seconds and then the episode begins. This is a template they use to start every episode and it’s a fun, professional way to kick off the show.  At the end of the episode, they roll an audio clip with someone saying “It’s time to spin the wheel of mythically!”  They then proceed to play a “wheel-of-fortune” type game that has them acting out random scenes. It’s just something fun and silly they do at the end of every show – but again, it’s a part of their podcast template and it’s one less thing they have to think of doing each episode.

Using templated show segments such as these, help to give your show consistency and proper “flow”.

Your Own Personal Theme Music.

Most podcasts, radio and TV shows have their own, custom music beds or even full blown jingles. Whether it’s a show intro / outro, a featured segment or a spot for advertisements, they typically have dedicated pieces of music to help things “flow” and sound professional. If you’re looking for some great music beds for your podcast, have a look through our library of Royalty Free Music Beds! What makes our library so ideal is that we’ve specifically produced them for those in radio production and podcasting.  We’ve done this by editing all of our music beds into 15, 30, 45 and 60 second edits and made them royalty free! Nothing can be more daunting then having to create a signature piece of music for your show – especially when it’s something you’ve never done before. In addition to that, hiring a producer or engineer at a professional recording studio can be very costly! Thankfully, we’ve created an All Access Membership specially for podcasters which allows you to download as many music beds as you want – for FREE! Check out our offer designed specifically for up and coming podcasters.

So, once you have your music all sorted out, you can start putting the rest of your podcast template together. Consistent content is key! What are some bits you can do every episode in order to give consistency – just like the Good Mythical Morning show?  Maybe a “rapid fire” round of questions or some sort of game that gets you interacting with your guests (just like Jimmy Fallon does with his guests). By planning out 2 or 3 bits that you can do in each episode, it will really cut down on the amount of “new” content that will need to be created each show.

“Bit” Ideas.

If you’re stuck on what to do, here are 10 podcast “bits” or segment ideas that you can use:

1. Make a list of 6 random activities, then roll dice to see which one you must do.
2. Pick a topic and ask your guest “10 Questions in 60 seconds.”
3. Have a “Live Music” segment where you feature local (or up and coming) artists.
4. Have a “Lesson of the Day” (tips and tricks in design, tech, music, cooking, art, etc).
5. Have a bit where you answer “Off The Cuff” questions from your twitter feed.
6. Play a quirky game with your guests (watch Jimmy Fallon for good ideas).
7. Tell your audience the “Joke of the Day” or “Tip of the Day.”
8. Play a “Mystery Sound” and have your listeners try and guess what it is.
9. Feature new products or do a “Product Review” (could also generate revenue).
10. Spend 90 seconds talking about celebrity gossip and maybe call it “The Hollywood 90.”
(These are obviously just a few examples in order to get you thinking creatively.)

Take The Time To Make Your Podcast Template Right.

The more polished and exciting each segment is – the more professional your podcast will be perceived by listeners.  And by branding each “bit” or segment with it’s own music bed, you’ll really begin to create some continuity with your audience. They’ll begin to recognize what you’re about to do just by the music that starts playing in the background – how cool is that!

Just a reminder that we have thousands of pre-edited music beds in all sorts of styles that would be perfect for various bits in your podcast. You can browse our catalog here and don’t forget to check out our free music offer exclusively for podcasters – here.

Comment below with any questions you might have on how to make a great podcast template.

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