a-newer-way-of-advertisingAccording to Wired.Com in their recent article on the new Snapchat tool called ‘Discover‘, the days of good old fashion advertising are far from over.  It’s been argued that as younger generations move farther and farther away from traditional media such as television and radio, the advertising spots that are paying for such media will too become a distant age old practice.  Online media outlets such as YouTube however, would be one of the many to debate that.  They picked up on the advertising opportunity years ago.  We’ve all seen (or skipped) the 7 – 15 second ad that appears right before watching this weeks viral video of a laughing cat – so you know exactly what I’m talking about.  Well by the sounds of it, other online and social media outlets such as the ever popular Snapchat will also be getting in on the ad game.  SnapChat just announced the release of a new tool called Discover, that was developed to work along side their messaging app.

This much anticipated ‘News’ tool allows media partners such as CNN, ESPN and Cosmopolitan to post bite sized content within the popular app. The goal is to speak to a younger audience that doesn’t often connect with traditional media … annnnd make a lot of money while doing it.  Which is fine by me.  As long as there’s a story to tell, there’s someone who will have to pay for it.

Meanwhile, over in this corner,  it’s pushing Advertising Agencies and Copywriters to start thinking of new ways to get their client’s message across (effectively) in a matter of 7 – 15 seconds.  An exciting challenge if you ask me.  Most often, the times we come up with fresh, unique ideas, are when we’ve been challenged to do things differently than we’ve done them in the past.  So fellow creative types, let’s embrace the new wave of advertising trends, because by the looks of it, it’s not going anywhere, anytime soon.


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