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This years Mercury Award Winners have been announced and I must say, the majority of these radio ads are really great. What makes a great radio ad you ask?

1 – A Great idea.

2 – Great writing.

3 – Solid production.

Sounds pretty easy right? Wrong. The ability to take a single idea or thought and then turn it into a captivating 30 or 60 second spot is no easy task. Unfortunately, everybody and their brother feels it’s something they can do which is why our airwaves are cluttered with bad ideas that are poorly written and cheaply produced. There are so many terrible radio commercials out there that it’s no wonder people get annoyed when they get interrupted from the flow of Top 40 hits just to hear one more commercial promising “the best quality product for the cheapest possible price guaranteed!”

Thankfully, the winners from this years competition are the best of the best and their commercials don’t fit into the category of mediocre radio creative. So take a few minutes and listen to the spots that won this years categories and comment below on which one is your favorite.



$50,000 Best of Show
Mandroid // Old Spice // Wieden+Kennedy


$5,000 Agency / Production Company
Mandroid – Women // Old Spice // Wieden+Kennedy


$1,500 Agency / Production Company
Morse Code // Mars, Inc. / Juicy Fruit // DDB Chicago


$1,500 Agency / Production Company
Two Head Ed // Mars, Inc. // Skittles // DDB Chicago


$1,500 Agency / Production Company
Know My Voice // VocaliD // INNOCEAN USA


$1,500 Agency / Production Company
Dadsong // Old Spice // Wieden+Kennedy


$3,000 PSA
Keep Farts Funny // Meredith’s Miracles Colon Cancer Foundation // FCB Chicago


$5,000 Radio Campaign
Mandroid // Old Spice // Wieden+Kennedy


$1,500 Radio Campaign
Chicago Mayhem // Allstate // Leo Burnett Chicago


$1,500 Radio Campaign
2014 Radio Campaign // Motel 6 // The Richards Group


$5,000 Radio Station Produced
4G Roadtrip // Superior Chevrolet // iHeartMedia Creative Services Group


$1,500 Student
Auction // VCU Brandcenter

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